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Moo mini cards

I’ve been meaning to write about Moo cards for ages. I love them. Specifically the mini cards. Since I first discovered them about two years ago, they’ve gone up two whole pounds in price, and they now cost £11.99 for one hundred.

What are they? They’re tiny cards which you can either customise with one hundred different photos (good luck uploading all of them!) or one photo one hundred times, or two photos fifty times…you get the idea.  Or you can buy the ready made packs and just customize the text at the back.

You can also customize the front with text

Sorry can’t work out how to flip image. You get the idea though.  
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I use them as business cards (you can also buy a holder that fits onto your keyring) and also as family cards, which double up as gift-tags (I am so clever!)

These are the design on my business cards, cos I love a sixties pattern.
These are the ones we used for Christmas.
They also do packs – this one is for “little girls”

For our little girl’s fifth birthday we got her the little girl pack above with her name on the back. She felt very grown up but promptly lost them somewhere in the house.

Need I point out that if you do put them in a holder that attaches to your keys, do NOT have the cards printed with your address on them.

Moo does other, excellent products and the service is superb. If I ever get married, I’m going to have our wedding invitations printed out on the Moo mini cards. Imagine: 100 invites for just £12. Obviously no good if you like to faff about the denier of tissue paper covering your invitation. But I’m not that girl.