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Junior Style Sales

It’s been a long time. That’s cos I’ve been off busy consumin’.

Anyway, before I forget; there is a great sale of children’s clothes that I’ve been going to for years and have got a large part of my eldest daughter’s wardrobe at (now passing slowly onto daughter no. 2) which is the Junior Style Sales, the latest of which starts tomorrow.

More information about them here

It costs a £1 to get in, and I’ve found them to be hit and miss. Sometimes I find so much stuff I want to buy I start shaking with the excitement, other times I come away with nothing, or just one or two pieces. There is stuff there I loathe, and more for those people who like to dress their children in labels like Dolce and Dior; but you can also find some lovely things. We’ve got some great pyjamas with space rockets on (and those style of pyjamas I think of as ‘continental’, i.e. stretchy cotton leggings with long sleeved t-shirt tops rather than flannelette buttoned up jobbies), lovely, lovely pointelle t-shirts (the sort that look like long-sleeved thermal vests but in great colours and are super useful) which cost about a fiver but were nearly £40 (forty pounds!!!) in the shops. Great sun hats. Fabulous cashmere jumpers.

In fact when I look at my children’s most successful clothing pieces, they have mostly come from these sales.

Latest great buy was a pair of cashmere trousers for the baby in moss green which kept her snug all winter; well when she wasn’t in her Patagonia bunny suit. And if you think cashmere for a baby is mad, you can’t have ever tried it: it’s beautifully warm, so they only need one layer, so you don’t end up with a baby looking like a pass the parcel; it washes brilliantly, and yes I do mean in the machine (if you have a hand wash cycle that is and silly you if you bought a washing machine without one), and it’s super soft.

I don’t get to go as often as I’d like now that I live in Suffolk, sadly.