Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrrrrring x 2

Well. The phone came. It’s very cheap and plastic looking but fine. But. Something I forgot about, something that was a problem with the original Trim Phone (and I know this in particular because my non-husband used to work at BT)…it’s so light that you pick up the receiver and the entire body of the phone flies up too.

Very disappointing. I am very disappointed. I’ve asked to return it. In the meantime however I’ve realised that my lovely old cream rotary dial phone isn’t broken, the bloody entire line is. I also realised, picking up the lovely old Grace Kelly calls her beautician style phone that it’s a 1963 German model with some decidedly, how can I put this…Germanic insignia on the bottom.

That’s by the by. I have renewed my search for a wall mounted push button phone that isn’t some horrible modern crap and it’s IMPOSSIBLE. No-one does them. Why does someone not reintroduce them?

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrrrrring x 2

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