Great new cleansing oil

I have never been a wipe off with tissue or cotton wool girl. All the skin care specialists I really admire – Erno Laszlo, Liz Earle, Jo Malone (the person rather then the company which is now owned by Estee Lauder) and Eve Lom – advocate the use of water to remove cleanser. I agree. Add hand hot water and a flannel and you have all the exfoliation you need.

A few weeks ago I got sent this from Beauty Naturals. Although I test products blind (as in, in plain containers, not blindfold..) like the next person, I’m seduced by fancy packaging. Which this ain’t got. I was in the middle of testing a heap of other products so I just stuck it in my cupboard and thought that I’d use it when I got desperate, which I did, pretty soon after.

So I started using it. It’s fab. I honestly think it may be the best cleanser ever, all things considered. I adore Eve Lom’s grainy (it just looks it, but the ‘grains’ melt on touch), oily cleanser in a pot that you dip your hands into. That smells expensive – incomparably – because it is expensive. I love Neal’s Yard’s Wild Rose Beauty Balm. But that’s also expensive. This is just £12 for 100ml (yes you can buy cheaper but it won’t be as good and look it’s organic!). Don’t be afraid cos it’s an oil. Try it.

One thought on “Great new cleansing oil

  1. Gail

    I've noticed you cannot buy wipe-off cleanser, at least in Drugstore brands, here in the US, unless you buy Boots stuff imported by Target.


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