The most fantastic child’s quilt ever

Liberty patchwork quilt by Charlotte’s Cot Blankets, £110, buy buy buy.
A few days ago, my boyfyhusband (see, readers, this is what you’re reduced to calling your boyfriend of THIRTEEN YEARS and the father of your TWO CHILDREN when you’re not married. Learn by my mistake and insist on an engagement ring within two years of dating, or else. I do have an engagement ring, presented to me about four years ago, but by then it was TOO LATE) took a real awwww picture of our youngest asleep, and covered with her Liberty patchwork quilt, like the one above except obviously with her details on it. I would post it up here except it shows her name and those that know me know that I never name my children in print. Anyway, I sent the pic around the globe to family and friends and have been besieged by requests ever since asking Where Does the Quilt Come from. Even my sister, who is able to crochet, sew and knit like (*insert name of extreme crocheter, sewer and knitter here*) asked me.

Imagine how tempted I was to say “I made it!” and leave it at that. But I just couldn’t take the glory. Even though a) I love patchwork and b) I’m rather good at it. Or I was aged 14 when I last made anything in patchwork and that something was a pencil case.

But let me tell you what I really loved about that pencil case: I made it using scraps of fabric that really mattered to me, from items of clothing no longer in use but that evoked something. I couldn’t ever wear anything patchwork, but I think, as a method of using up bits of sentimental clothing, you can’t beat it. One day in the future, when I have loads of time on my hands, I intend to make a big patchwork quilt using up clothes that once mattered.

The Liberty Patchwork quilt from Charlotte’s Cot Blankets, was given to my youngest by her Godfather. Well I say her Godfather, but I know that the idea came from his wife, aka my best friend Emma. It’s made, by hand, in Norfolk, so the county just up from me (local produce!). It’s really beautiful and would make a wonderful Christening present or ‘new baby’ present.
You can also get it in blue-y colours, but this combination is just lovely.

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