Zotter Chocolate – beware, crazily good

 Zotter Plum Brandy chocolate. Disgustingly good.

The other Friday I was in London. I’d had a really productive meeting discussing something Really Secret. I had something small and healthy for lunch and decided I really wanted chocolate.

Now for some time, the only chocolate I eat is 70% plus cocoa content. This cuts down what I can buy and how much of the stuff I can eat as it’s really hard for me to eat too much of it. Plus, you know, high cocoa content chocolate is full of iron and antioxidants. Practically health food.

I went to the Food Hall in John Lewis, aka Waitrose in the basement and got into a bit of a tizz in amongst all the whicker baskets (everything, it seems is displayed in them).

“Where is the chocolate?” I asked. Now because the staff in Waitrose are trained to accompany you to the food stuff you’ve asked for, the man took me there, after asking “what sort of chocolate, bars?” to which I’d nodded cautiously (who wants to miss the other kind?)

He took me to this mini display of chocolate, none of which I recognised. The bars were small, 70g, but intriguing. I looked at the price tag of the ‘hand scooped’ chocolate bar: £3.25.

Ordinarily, I would never spend this much  on a bar of chocolate, but I was in London and I live in Suffolk, so I was sort-of on holiday and the sea-air went to my head. My choice was cut down (no “bacon bits” for instance) as only some of them were 70% cocoa. I selected Plum Brandy. I knew I was onto a good thing when the woman at the check-out said “God they’re so good, I had Bacon Bits last week when we had a tasting session”.

I fully expected to, you know, eat half and save half. But this is where I came unstuck. When I opened the bar there were no pieces. It was one big slab of chocolate. I have to say, I’ve dreamed of this. In films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie bites into one huge slab of chocolate at one point. Plus one big slab is so bossy, it’s like it’s telling you  you can’t cut it up, you have to eat the whole thing.

And it was really hot, so it would have melted, and I couldn’t let £1.625p worth of chocolate just turn to mush in my bag.

Even if it hadn’t have been hot, or the chocolate hadn’t have been in one big slab, it was hopeless. This chocolate bar was just amazing, the inside was this wonderful goo and tasted of plum brandy. I also felt slightly drunk by the end of it which must have been my imagination. I’m so glad it’s not sold in my local Waitrose but if you live in London you can probably find it in yours.

Be careful. Remember what happened with the MaltEaster bunny, although these are two VASTLY different animals.

5 thoughts on “Zotter Chocolate – beware, crazily good

  1. tina

    no sooner said than done!!!I dare not seek out this chocolate as I am trying really hard to lose some weight. I also cannot eat blocks of chocolate in little bits – all or nothing for me. So best if I go for nothing right now. Come winter time when I have lost a ton, I might raid J Lewis.

  2. Choclette

    Ohh, I am envious. I've heard about Zotter bars and would love to try one – all actually! You haven't made me change your mind by this description.


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