Lutyens Children’s bench

I recently went to see my friend Susie, who had a really cute miniature children’s bench in her garden, like a scaled down park bench. My youngest loved it and spent many a happy time sitting on it, getting up, sitting on it, getting up.

Susie was also the friend at whose house I saw the fly curtains that I then bought. Nothing like going round to your friends’ houses to nick ideas. Anyway, in this instance, Susie couldn’t tell me where the mini bench was from so I searched on line and asked all my FB friends where they thought I could get one from. The only place I found was Robert Dyas, it says it’s normally £50 but I’ve never actually seen it for sale for that much, it’s always ‘knocked down’ to £30. Now for some reason this seems a lot to me. Further searching showed that at some point, Tesco’s had had one for the knocked down price of £10 but no more. Of course, I loathe Tesco and never shop there on principle unless it has something I really, really want to buy in which case I forget my principles momentarily..

In our garden we have a Lutyens bench, adult sized. So I was really pleased to see a website that makes them in small size too. In the end, this is what I got because it seemed better value for money, even though it was double the cost of the Dyas bench. I bought it with my birthday money, for my girls. I was going to have it engraved with something cheesy but that cost almost as much as the bench again.

Lutyens children’s bench .

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