Christian Dior’s Creme Abricot

This is a cuticle cream. “For goodness sake”, some of you may be thinking, “what next?” But hang on, because it’s actually not new at all, it’s been around for decades – the design and product is unchanged, which shows you how popular it is. It’s also unlike any other product on the market, so you can’t cheat it, and buy cheaper. Believe me when I say (yes: believe) that nothing comes close. There are loads of great handcreams out there but in order for this to work as well as it does, it has to be really viscous. And a hand cream that thick would be unworkable.
  Creme Abricot. Nice pot.
Obviously if you are happy with your cuticles, read no further. But this is for people, like me, who don’t bite their nails, but pick at the skin around it. This cream, applied at night, helps you stop doing this because it doesn’t allow any dryness (precursor to picking I think).
You can also put it on spots of really dry skin (boyfy-husband uses it on his eczema when his skin splits, ouch). 
A little pot lasts about a year or more, so it works out very good value per use. Because, er, it’s about £17.50 (
Creme Abricot, the stuff inside, I can’t understand why Dior doesn’t ask me to do its advertising shots..

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