Chipmunk boots

I love these little boots. I buy them every year for my eldest (the youngest is too small to fit into even the smallest size). They are the perfect boot for walking and mucking about; they’re well made and fantastic value: £21-£23 depending on where you buy them.  Easy for even the smallest children to put on (although the smallest size they come in is a four) and with a sturdy sole. Ostensibly they’re made for little children who ride ponies (mine don’t), but obviously that doesn’t stop you wearing them even if you aren’t that way inclined.

Anyway, I found them quite by accident a few years ago in our local country shop; of which we have several around these here parts. Last year we got purple, this year we got brown.

Unless you live near me you’ll probably need to get them from the internet: I found this site that sells them in every size (4-12) and colour (black, navy, purple, fuchsia) they seem to come in. I’ve never used this site, so on your own head be it.

My daughter wore hers straight out of the shop. As we got into the car I said to her “darling you can wear them when we go to the country” to which she very sensibly and correctly replied “Mummy WE live in the country.”

1 thought on “Chipmunk boots

  1. Annalisa Barbieri

    Ah the pic has gone. This is cos I used to use website pics but I'll put my own one up later. They're like little riding boots basically, or Chelsea boots as some of you may call them. Slip on with elasticated sides.


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