Miele launches new coffee machine

This blog is about things I, personally, use (consume!). And I haven’t used, or even tried, this new coffee machine from Miele.

The new Miele CM5100 Barista Coffee machine, approx £1000

But I am a veteran of coffee machines (my father was one of London’s original baristas) and I’ve had a Miele built in coffee machine for nearly two years now. You can read a full review of the one I have (the CVA 5060) here. The Barista has just launched.

It’s a first for Miele because previously you could only get a bean machine that was built in, the only freestanding coffee machine they did used Nespresso capsules, which not everyone liked for various reasons. Personally I wouldn’t touch a Nestle product.

So to be clear: I haven’t tried this machine. But I do rate Miele coffee machines as the best domestic coffee machines you can buy and if it makes coffee anything like the machine I’ve got, you’re in for a treat. Most domestic machines (and in fact, all of the ones I’ve ever tested) haven’t got enough steam action for the milk. The Miele one does.

(A nice thing to do in this weather – if you’re not driving – is to make an espresso correto, which is an espresso with a dash of brandy/whisky.)

7 thoughts on “Miele launches new coffee machine

  1. Annalisa Barbieri

    You're not wrong Lisa, and a Bialetti, a grinder and a frother is – to my mind – the best alternative to a really good machine. Although I think anyone who has a HBAC should have one as a present to themselves…

  2. Philips Saeco Exprelia

    I have been waiting for this new coffee machine to be launched. I heard that it is the best. It has better features than the other coffee machine in the market. I can't wait on having this coffee machine.

  3. Annalisa Barbieri

    Hello PSE, sorry it took me so long to approve your comment, I've been away from the computer!I don't know what that particular one is like, but the one I have is just excellent. I have loads of friends who say it makes the best coffee ever. Only problem is, it's turned me into an even BIGGER coffee snob…When are you going to get it?


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