If you are not the sort of person to do their own cleaning, then perhaps skip this post. For it is about mops.

I do have a cleaner. Her name is Rute and she is Portuguese. And even though Portuguese (or Porkinese as my child calls it) is very different from Italian, we converse splendidly. Partly through the international language of Rant.

Anyway, despite me having a cleaner, I still do my own cleaning at times, largely because I think it’s really important to be able to deal with your own dirt.

If you didn’t know this, Italians have a thing about cleaning. Spesh southern Italians. My family in the south are all certifiably insane and wash the kitchen from top to bottom after lunch.

Every day.

I’m not like this. But I do like a bit of Scanda-style which means wooden floors, and wooden floors show up dirt far more than carpets. Dust-bunnies kinda get sucked into carpets. Anyway, this is a fucking mop for Christ’s sake so I won’t go on too much. But it – the E-cloth mop – is fab.

Why it’s good:

  • It’s so simple and it looks good in that pared down way (look: design is important, even in mops)
  • You get interchangeable ‘heads’ which are rectangles of fabric. There are three, a white fluffy one for simply ‘sweeping’, a blue one for washing and a blue striped one for tough stains.
  • They attach via a Velcro-type strip, super easy.
  • They zzzzzp off for washing – bung them in the machine at 60C.
  • Also zzzp it off for dunking in the washing water and wring it really dry before putting it back on for cleaning another bit of floor – because the cloth is so wrung out you can use it on engineered floors (well, I do).
  • It’s a step up from the ‘straccio’ over a broom head that we use in Italy.

That’s it. If you need a mop, this is the one to get.

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