Mid Century-ish glasses with apples on

I’m a total sucker for anything from the 1950s and 60s (and bits of the 1970s). It reminds me of my childhood, because invariably the stuff the grown ups had around them heralded from that time. I think my all time favourite year for design (and the year I think the perfect man’s suit was made, it never got any better) was 1963, coincidentally also the year my parents got married.

Anyway. I wanted some every day drinking glasses that had a pattern on that was jolly, a bit retro, reminded me of my childhood in Italy (sniff) but weren’t so expensive I’d never use them. I looked everywhere and then I found these from of all places – Tesco. £1.25 a glass or £6 for six. I love the design, which is a bit Scanda.

Worth straying away from Waitrose for, but then hurry straight back.

4 thoughts on “Mid Century-ish glasses with apples on

  1. Annalisa Barbieri

    I hate Tesco's too on principle but it does occasionally have some really good homeware stuff and then I conveniently forget my principles…Oooh Ercol dining chairs, how lovely. I think of you whenever I see one of its daybeds.


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