Absent but busy, baker

Anyone visiting this blog probably thinks I gave up on the sourdough.


I bake all our own bread several times a week! I just ordered a new banneton, this time going for the more expensive Matfer one at £26.99 (just saying it made my eyes water), rather than the cheaper one I got last time which has already fallen apart after 18 months use (the other, cheaper ones, are fine still but the 1K round one was the one I used most). Matfer are industrial strength so they should last. I did toy with Vannerie which are hand made but really, that is too much for me.

Am also toying with idea of baking cloche, anyone have one? I feel it’s a bit superfluous as my oven is a great oven which makes lovely sourdough, and next year we’re building a wood fired oven in the garden. But I did wonder if anyone had one, and if so what they thought of it?

I did mean to do a post over the summer, as I had so many enquiries about ‘what to do with my starter when I go on holiday’. Honestly people. You just put it in the fridge, enjoy your holiday, and refresh * the starter when you get back. One friend even thought he had to bring the starter with him on holiday. I’d have loved to have seen customs deal with that.

*take out half of it, refresh with 125g strong white bread flour, 100g cold water, stir and leave for about 12 hours before using it to make dough.

2 thoughts on “Absent but busy, baker

  1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes

    Hiya! Brilliant to hear you are still baking away – the wonders of twitter – I would like a Matfer 1kg too! But none of mine have fallen apart yet. On the cloche thing, have you tried baking in a closed pot, like an Emile Henry or similar, that gives a very similar effect. Though I want them all, I really want a cloche that would take a baguette shape, as those are the ones that are hardest to steam well. Enough geeky nerdy comments from me. x Joanna

  2. Annalisa Barbieri

    You've disappeared from Twitter for me! I'm going to check this out. I know that other people have mentioned that people they follow disappear and that's happened/ing to me, too. Unless you've not been tweeting? ANYWAY. I haven't tried that, no. Thanks for the tip. Patrick at Bakery Bits says they have an oblong cloche coming in. But GOOD POINT about baguettes, yes they really need the steam don't they? Never enough geeky comments!!xx


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