Wee bags, for toddlers, for when they just have to go..

Wee-bag closed, fits into palm of your hand like this unless you have unnaturally tiny hands

The same open. Note jolly pics…

I’m not usually a fan for making a simple process more difficult. I mean, I like a bit of kit as much as the next person, but, especially where babies and children are concerned, you can be sold a lot of stuff you just don’t need.

With potty training, some children like to go on a potty (my second learned to go on a potty, but would only perform, for the first week, with my pashmina over her head), some like little toilet seats. Some a combination of both. All fine. When you go out you may take a potty or the trainer seat or just hold your child particularly carefully whilst their tiny bottoms perch on an adult toilet seat and you try not to get freaked out that their hands are all over a public toilet seat.

But sometimes, especially when they’re still very new to it all, you’re not near a toilet or a potty, and they really need to go. Great if you can balance your child over a discreet bit of grass (one of my earliest memories is being held over the gutter by my mum, just by Paddington Street Gardens in London. I can’t pass there without remembering…surprised there’s not a plaque up there commemorating it…). But, you can’t always, or they don’t like it.

This is where these gizmos come in: TravelJohn Junior Disposable Urinal Bags. They’re portable piss bags, basically. There is gel inside, so no spillage and you can, theoretically use them til they’re full (they hold up to 600cc), but in truth they start to stink after a day or two. The top has a plastic shaped bit that you hold up to the child’s groin. You can be really discreet using them too.

You probably won’t need many, but they come in packs of three and I think they’re great for emergencies. We keep on in the car, one in the pram, one floating around. (They fold up really small when empty, so can even fit in a pocket). I got mine from Amazon for £5.07 for three, so nearly £1.70 a bag. Not cheap but for when you have to go: really worth it.

Here‘s a piece I wrote for The Guardian about potty training.

1 thought on “Wee bags, for toddlers, for when they just have to go..

  1. Les @ LPN Programs

    Thanks for letting us know about this! Lucky I have boys who can easily pee anywhere in emergency situations (yeah, yeah, yeah). We prefer toilets but there are times that there are none and we usually have just old plastic bottles in the car!


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