Keeping your wood burner glass clean, a tip

This is my woodburner. And I think you’ll agree the glass is pretty clean

So this isn’t the sexiest blog post I could do. No food porn or sex tips (I do actually have plenty of those but I charge for them). But if you have a wood burner I hope you’ll find it useful.

Indeed, if you have a wood burner, you’ll know that the glass can get smoked up. And as part of the fun of having a fire is staring at it with your mouth slightly open and your thoughts far away, it’s imperative that the glass is kept clean.

A really good tip is coming up.

Every morning, before you light your fire, get a damp rag/piece of kitchen paper. Dip it in yesterday’s ash, clean the inside of the glass with it (the ash is abrasive). It’ll go into a horrible looking paste all over our glass and you’ll think ‘ewww’. But, then give it a wipe over with a clean bit of damp whatever (you may need two if it’s particularly dirty, and I also dry with a clean, dry bit, because I’m a bit mad about having really clear glass) and hey presto.

Clean glass.

You don’t need to use anything else.

I wish I could lay claim to this, but it came to me via my partner, via his friend Nigel.

You’re welcome.

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