Filling nozzle, the right equipment for the job.

Now that I have become quite, quite obsessed with eclairs and profiteroles, I realised quite quickly that I was lacking a vital piece of kit.

A piping nozzle that was long enough and thin enough to penetrate the choux pastry, but with the hole large enough to let the cream out.

Cheap icing/piping nozzles are a false economy because the really good ones don’t cost that much, about £4-£5 a piece. And most people don’t need that many nozzles because they don’t ice/pipe much. So you don’t need a payday loan to fund this particular habit. And if you do ice/pipe a lot then you must surely appreciate the benefit of having good tools.

Anyway, the one for this job is the Wilton Tip 230. It’s available in lots of places for £4ish. But you can also get this kit for not much more, £6.27 at time of writing, and yet you get four Wilton nozzles and some disposable icing bags. NOTE: the description says ’12 piece set’, well it is if you count the icing bags but you only get four nozzles. One of which is the filling nozzle.

So if you don’t want to slice your eclairs or profiteroles, you simply make a little hole with a skewer or some such, insert this and squeeze the cream in until it starts to come out. It is a bizarrely satisfying ritual, which probably says something more about me than I should let on.

7 thoughts on “Filling nozzle, the right equipment for the job.

  1. Joanna

    It’s £8.10 today, Amazon prices are so ‘exciting’. What sort of nozzle do you use to pipe eclairs and profiteroles Annalisa or did I miss a post somewhere where you talk about that? (And a thought on the blog but do take this bit out, if you make the links open in a new tab, then it is easier for the reader to get back to the post they are reading, well, easier for me, not sure if WordPress prefers you not to do that and that is why the default is to open the new site in the same tab…)

  2. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    Hello Joanna. Thanks so much for your comment and feedback. How do I do that? I’ve tried looking in the obvious place on Dashboard but can’t seem to find how to make the links open in a new tab (admittedly haven’t looked MADLY hard). I have not posted about which nozzle I use to make profiteroles/eclairs, but I will measure it and let you know!

  3. Jayne

    Hi Annalisa – I am a regular reader and occasional commenter on your blog. If not too cheeky, can I ask which part of Italy your family is from? We have just booked two weeks in July – flying to Rome. Thinking of going on to the Amalfi coast and Naples and also somewhere quieter for swimming and reading….yes in July….and yes this is my first visit…
    We are a 40s couple and like a mix of relaxation and sightseeing. I am a bit overwhelmed by the choices. I know you dont need me to tell you – please feel free to ignore, but if you don’t ask you don’t get, so any mid-price recommendations or advice on places to stay? Thanks a lot.

  4. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    It’s not too cheeky at all! But not sure I will be much help as I’ve only once visited Italy as a ‘tourist’; I tend to go and see my family. My father is from Parma and my mother is from near Naples. The Amalfi coast is amazing, but there are only two ways in: by road or by boat. Lots of people don’t make it via road, because the roads are so windy they get car sick. I had hear this and thought it was crap, but it isn’t! I made it literally to the town just before Amalfi before begging to go home. I just couldn’t go any further. Same has happened to people I know (and my mother I think!). Where I have been as a tourist is the Cilento region. Amazing. If you look at it on a map it’s only accessible by road – no train stations or airports. So you feel really like you’re in the middle of something undiscovered. I stayed at some appartments (ie self catering) at Santa Maria del Castellabato. I hope you have a lovely time! x

  5. Jayne

    Thanks Annalisa. I am not good on windy roads at the best of times…..but have better sea legs.
    Our plan is currently train from Rome to Naples and then ferry for 2 nights on Capri, ferry to Positano for 4 nights (at, 4 nights tbc and then 4 nights Rome (apartment linked to hotel Mozart)
    On the look out for the middle 4 nights – would like to relax on a sandy beach accessible by train from Amalfi coast and Rome. Looking at Sperlonga or Gaeta. Cilento loos great – will remember for future trips when we might brave driving!
    thanks again.

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