Solid coconut massage oil

It wasn’t long ago that I brought you a bargain basement skincare product. And here is another one. Waitrose has a solid coconut massage oil, ostensibly for babies. It’s a super value £2.89 and it’s great.

It’s totally solid in the jar, which means that, unless you have a super hot bathroom – and I don’t – you need to warm it up first, otherwise you’ll be scraping at it with your fingernails. I chuck it in the bath with me and it goes all liquidy. This also means that it’s warm when you apply it, which I think is very luxurious. I use it on my children and on myself and it leaves skin greasy – don’t try getting dressed in your best silk bias cut dress afterwards – but really soft.

2 thoughts on “Solid coconut massage oil

  1. Gina

    Coconut oil is great, but there’s no need to buy a special massage oil pot. It costs £2.16 for 125ml. I’ve seen organic raw cold-pressed virgin coconut oil sold for £3.21 per 200ml (or much less if you buy a bigger jar) which works out cheaper than this. It’s also great for cooking.

  2. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    Hey Gina ;). I agree it’s great for cooking. I wish I liked it for cooking though. But I don’t. My ex personal trainer, Donovan, alerted me to coconut oil years ago and I tried it and tried it. But I’m Italian and it’s olive oil for me all the way. I wouldn’t, personally, want to spread the stuff that’s sold for cooking on my skin as it’s just a bit too… I dunno. Have you tried doing it? It’s a bit like when people say olive oil is great rubbed into skin. It is but you do feel like you’re about to be cooked or tossed into a salad. Keen to know if you’ve tried it and it works okay though..I might yet be convinced. Thanks for the tip.


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