Book lights


These Mighty Bright Ultrathin Lights are great for reading by. They’re small, come in fun colours, can double up as an emergency torch and my children – who share a room – love them because they can stay up in bed reading (or looking at the pictures) without disturbing the other child if one is ready for sleep and the other isn’t.

IMG_1916The lights fold flat and are really light and small (think tiny mobile phone size) but have a hinge to clip onto your book cover and a poseable light.

They cost about £9/£10 each. I got mine from the dreaded Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Book lights

  1. Ali

    Ooh, they look good. Am wondering if they would be good for bedtime reading when camping… Will have to check them out.

  2. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    I bought one first to check them out. The only minus is that, depending on the size of the book, they do illuminate one page better than another. For camping I’m wondering if a head torch might not be a better buy?

  3. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    I saw those! And they also have double headed ones. Glad to hear it’s good Emily thank you.


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