Window vacuum, a brilliant thing.

231575442A while ago, as I fell asleep half delirious, I caught an ad talking about a wondrous looking thing called a window cleaning vac by Karcher. It was a vacuum, with a small cylinder attached to it that sucked the water up after you’d cleaned the windows, via a squeegee attachment.

Because I thought I’d dreamt it, I looked it up the next day and lo it really did exist. The reviews were fab. It was a gadget. We’ve long been looking for something that makes window cleaning a bit more efficient – it wasn’t the cleaning per se we found difficult, but how to achieve a smear free finish (even as I write those words, I am mocking myself). So of course I bought it.

It’s brilliant. You use it after you’ve cleaned the windows with soapy water. It takes a bit of technique but not much. My partner immediately seized it as his and started cleaning the windows in quite a frenzy. He even used it on the stainless steel cabinet fronts in the kitchen (brilliant, but I still think baby oil does a better job, he agreeth not). You can use it to mop up condensation if, like us, you have single glazed windows.

Buy the most basic model, the WV50. You don’t need the spray bottle (but buy it if you want), you don’t need anything else save for a cloth and a bucket. If you have teeny tiny windows you may want to buy the smaller squeegee attachment but that’s it. Save for replacements blades when you need them. It’s rechargeable. It’s fab.

4 thoughts on “Window vacuum, a brilliant thing.

  1. Jayne

    Hi Annalisa
    I have been looking at this to help with the condensation on the wndows of our Victorian house. Definitely tempted!. Before I buy I just wanted to ask what happens to the vacuumed water – I assume there is a built in reservoir? How much does it hold? Do you think it wouls also clean a glass shower enclosure?

  2. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    Yes you could use it for a shower enclosure. It has a reservoir which holds about 150mls. It actually holds quite a bit more than that, but that’s where the MAX line is. If you go to the Karcher website and see product videos, there’s a video of this in action which you may find useful. 🙂

  3. Georgina Liley

    Annalisa, I bought mine a few months ago after looking at your blog. I’ve been using it today. I LOVE IT! We have huge amounts of glass which get blasted by the south westerlies and covered in dirt. I’ve done the whole lot outside in an hour. I’m super impressed. Though we will now have a storm with lashing winds and rain and I will have to do it all over again, but I don’t care anymore. Thank you! Georgina

  4. AB Post author

    I’m really pleased you like it! The novelty does wear off, but when we first got ours were were cleaning everything. I like the idea of your huge amounts of glass – your house sounds cool!


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