The art of frothy milk, and how to make the simplest hot chocolate

What is the point of cold weather if you can’t have a reviving hot chocolate when you get in? Your fingers so unfeeling with cold you get a thrill just undoing your coat, as if you were being jollied by an attractive stranger.

When you stand in the hot chocolate aisle at the supermarket, as I never do, you will see that there are dozens of potions and powders with which to make your hot chocolate.

And you don’t need any of them.

Sure, chocolate ganache hot chocolate is the richest, most luxurious hot chocolate you could hope to have (and you MUST try it). But unless you have a stash in the fridge ready made, you’re stuffed.

No matter! Cos all you need is a small cup of milk, about 100ml tops, and two squares of chocolate. One 70% cocoa and one milk. If you have cream in the fridge, use this as well as milk (so say, 50ml cream, 50ml of milk). This gives you the perfect mix of chocolate and sugar to dairy. I believe a small, pokey, punchy hot chocolate is better than a large, diluted one that can only render a weak, milky half-slap. Put the squares in the cup, put in microwave on high for 1m 20 seconds. Take out and whisk with an aerolatte if you have one or a fork or a whisk or you know, something suitable. Then drink. I make this every day for my children, in the winter, when they come home from school (aren’t I nice?).  Although, if you’re like me, you will also top it with some milk froth schiuma which I make in my electric Dualit milk frother, which makes the best milk froth this side of a £10K commercial cappuccino machine.

1459210_10151840880983721_402930639_nThis is a cappuccino made using the Dualit electric milk frother.


4 thoughts on “The art of frothy milk, and how to make the simplest hot chocolate

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  2. mabelwashington

    Are you still thrilled with the Dualit? I want to get a frother as a present for my daughter – we have a Severin induction one which is brilliantly idiot proof but too spendy really, so casting round for good alternative … Bit worried it will be a false economy if it gets ruined by her and flatmates not washing carefully …

    1. AB Post author

      Yes. Ours is in daily use and still going strong. It may not be big enough if she plans to use it for lots of cappuccinos in one go, or lots one after the other, but it’s very easy to clean as long as you don’t get the bottom wet (and by that I mean don’t actually put it IN water) and even if you don’t wash up the inside immediately (we never do) as long as you put some water in it to soak the milk off. I would get one for my daughter if that helps, in those circumstances. Ultimately of course there are no guarantees but it’s not difficult to look after or use.


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