Chocolate yoghurt

This is a really nice thing to have with some fruit. I’m all for eating yoghurt on its own but if you want to butch it up a little, or make it into an extra treaty thing then you can easily make chocolate yoghurt. This serves two.

Melt 50g of chocolate of your choice in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. White chocolate gives a lovely vanilla-y flavour but experiment with milk or plain. Obviously milk or plain will colour the yoghurt.

Now, for the yoghurt, use anything from 150g – 250g. We always have live Greek-style yoghurt (is any yoghurt dead yoghurt?) but use any plain yoghurt that takes your fancy. 150g gives you a very tasty dessert indeed. Chocolate-y tasting with a nice, clean tang of yoghurt. The more yoghurt you add, the more you’ll have to eat but the less sweet it tastes. Experiment..

Once the chocolate is melted you add the yoghurt, add a tablespoon in first so you get a smooth mixture then add the rest; stir it so it’s all amalgamated and serve with some nice fruit. Awesome, fairly healthy, dessert. If you want to up your good fats, sprinkle some chopped nuts on top.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate yoghurt

  1. Kate

    Marks & Spencer used to make a chocolate flavour yoghurt (one of their yoghurts with some actual flipping fat in it because there’s nothing horribler than watery yoghurts beefed up with sugar). It was the only yoghurt I’ve ever liked. The underlying sourness and tang hit your palate in the most pleasing way. They discontinued it because their company mission is to discontinue all the products I like best. Since then I’ve seen, you know, Mars yoghurts and ropey stuff like that and never been tempted and just accepted that chocolate yoghurt is over for me. UNTIL NOW.

  2. Annalisa Barbieri Post author

    Ooh do try it! And let me know. I totally understand about that chocolatey tang, doesn’t seem like it will work, but somehow, does. Chocolate and creme fraiche, as a chocolate icing (see my post on chocolate banana cupcakes) also works really well. At least you still HAVE an M&S near you, ours was closed down…


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