Perfect trousers, not just for Christmas

It isn’t madly often I can recommend trousers but here is why these are good:

They come in various colours. I like this choice even though, of course, I stick to black and navy. (I may tip toe into taupe in the new year, who knows, I do live in the country now.)

They are slim fit, skinny I guess, without being unflattering. But you can tuck them into boots which I wear every day because, have I mentioned, I live in the country. I got these after seeing a picture of me wearing normal trousers with a wind behind me and realised I didn’t need that much fabric around my legs.

They have a gentle stretch which means you can eat over Christmas, still look good, but without feeling as if your trousers have given you gastric band surgery.

However, they have a proper waistband. This is terrifically important over any holiday season. Never wear elasticated trousers long term. And here‘s why.

They are not fucking hipsters. God I hate hipsters. I hate watching women pulling up their fucking hipster trousers because they are falling down. And that’s just me, watching my own reflection. Yet they are not so high waisted that they make you feel like you are in an ad for  incontinence pads. You know the ones.

They are the perfect waist-band height, I think

Anyway, I think they are optimum trousers for this winter. For Christmas, for beyond Christmas. They are corduroy, which I like, they are also apparently slightly thermal (‘heat tech’). I can’t say I have noticed, but I haven’t been cold. When I bought them they were on offer at half price, but sadly they’ve gone back up to £29.90 now.

3 thoughts on “Perfect trousers, not just for Christmas

  1. Catherine Boswell

    Just checked out the trousers and have a couple questions: how do they fit–do they run small or large? I don’t normally purchase pants by the waist size so I’m not sure which number corresponds to my size. I suppose I could measure my waist?? I have chunky calves and skinny pants tend to be annoyingly tight in calf and thigh and loose-ish in the knee. Thoughts about these? Also, I tend to prefer wide-leg trousers because they hide saddle bags and a tendency to look pear-shaped. More thoughts?

  2. AB Post author

    I would say they run generous. I was surprised, if I’m honest, that the 30″ waist fitted me so well just before Christmas! They do have stretch to them. I have see you Catherine and would say they would fit you well. When did you grow chunky calves and saddle bags?? Liar!


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