The Nutribullet

Ours is not a house short on gadgets. This is due to many things. We cook and bake a lot. My partner and I were fully formed adults when we joined households and we both cook and bake a lot, as I just said, and we had our own homes. So when we threw our lot in together, we discovered we now had four sieves, 12 pans that all did the same thing, 25 wooden spoons etc.

We have a juicer, a blender, a grinder (two actually), two ice cream machines, a food processor, a food mixer, a dehydrator, a stick blender with enough attachments to build a robot man…you get the idea. And we/I use all of them. Regularly.

So did I need a Nutribullet?

Strictly speaking no. There’s lots of talk about how it busts open the cells in your food. Sounds fabulous! But that’s what your teeth do and also, that’s what any good blender will do.

And make no mistake, the Nutribullet is a blender. That’s it.

But this is why it’s good and this is why I’ve used mine every day since I got it at Christmas.

The foot print is tiny (14cm) compared to that of any other blender that I know of. So it sits on the work surface and you’ll use it.

It’s unbelievably simple to clean. You just rinse the blade part under hot water and put it on the draining board and stick the cup part in the dishwasher if you have one, if not that is so easy to clean, too. If you do this immediately after you’ve made your smoothie you don’t need to do anything else. I have a toothbrush I use to clean any bits that get stuck under the blades, occasionally, but that’s it. No seals to take off like on my other blender (a 1000W machine).

And those really are the two reasons why it’s great. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. What more do you want? It comes with another blade – a grinder – which I use to make things like oat flour (just chuck in porridge oats or oatmeal). The Nutribullet comes in two versions, a 600W one, which is what I have, and a 900W one which costs 50% more.

You get two blades and various container ‘cups’  (the large one is the one I use most) in the smaller version, three blades and various other gizmos in the larger version. I’m sure you can decide which one, if either, is right for you. It costs about £100 for the 600W version, £150 for the other one.

I got mine (with my press discount of 20% which I’ve had for 20 years) from Lakeland which offers a life time guarantee on everything (or at least it used to but this now seems to have disappeared from its website so I’ve asked them to clarify) *.

I use it every day to make smoothies of varying degrees of “Gwyneth-ness” and my children have one every morning (God we are so GOOD). If you need some smoothie inspiration see my drop down menu on the right for ‘smoothies’.

*And Lakeland did:

“Thank you for getting in touch to ask about our guarantee.

We’ve recently changed the wording on our guarantee but it’s still the same Lakeland ethos.

Our guarantee states ‘We’re only happy when you’re happy’. So if you’re not delighted with your purchase or our service, please tell us so that we can put it right.

So, if at any time, you feel the product hasn’t given you value for money or develops a fault we’ll be happy to help.”


14 thoughts on “The Nutribullet

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  3. mabelwashington

    Honestly, it is fab. I do love a gadget, but I agonised for years before getting it. It’s relatively small, really powerful, and does lots of things well. I now only have a hand held electric whisk, and a mandoline, and super baking scales left in the kitchen! My daughters have the following in their bottom drawer for when they move out: steamer, grinder, magimix, kitchenaid, rice cooker, ice cream machine & double boiler, as I really don’t need them. If I didn’t bake they could have the scales as well, as the thermomix weighing function is accurate enough for anything else. I never ever thought I would not make bread etc by hand, but actually the thermomix is brilliant – for sourdough it’s a 20 second mix, half an hour rest, 4 minutes kneading then into the fridge for bulk proof, the only drawback being you can’t do more than a 1 kg loaf unless you have a spare TM bowl (I do). I don’t feel I have even really explored all its uses yet, I must give your smoothies a go …

  4. AB Post author

    OMG. I am not listening. La la la la la..seriously the TM does all that? I mean you can make ice cream in it and stuff? No…

    1. mabelwashington

      You know you want to … No, honestly. For ice cream you make your flavoured custard or whatever and freeze it in ice cube trays, then when you want pudding, blitz them in the thermomix while poking spatula in through lid in excitingly dangerous manner (completely safe apparently). It gets air into it and warms it up a bit, voilà. For soup e.g. it grinds raw lentils, chops veg, sweats it then you add stock and it cooks the soup stirring all the time so it doesn’t catch at ideal temperature. Tricksy sauces too because of stirring and set temperature. Tempering chocolate. Look at some YouTube stuff in a dull moment if you can bear the demonstrators! I don’t know what the new ones are like (recipe chip seems gimmicky) I’ve got a TM31, they might be doing good deals if they’ve got any left – you don’t really have to buy through a personal demonstrator (makes me think of Tupperware parties), you can just ring the office and get one sent out (sorry I didn’t say that)

      1. AB Post author

        It sounds great but, as my friend Lisa Markwell said when she reviewed it for the Indy on Sunday, it might be worth considering if you are just setting up home, but if you have all that stuff already..I know you did, but I couldn’t get rid of all my stuff to get one of these. It wouldn’t make economic sense (for me). I’m so glad you enjoy yours so much though and thank you for telling me about it.

  5. Catherine

    Ok, I’m really tempted by this Nutribullet thing. I was looking at reviews for the 900watt and trying to see how it’s better than the 600 watt. Does the 600 pulverize ginger, do you have to pre-chop or grate it? Can you throw a frozen strawberry in there with success or does it bounce around? I do have a blender but texture can make or break a thing, especially with kids, and from what I’ve read the Nutribullet pulverizes more completely than a standard blender, yes?

  6. AB Post author

    The 900 is more powerful, but my 600W one so far pulverises everything I’ve put in it. Dates (which can be hard to actually obliterate), frozen spinach and fruit and yes, ginger. I also put seeds in mine or nuts and they all disappear…You do need to leave it on for about 30 seconds or so. And yes, I have, once or twice, found a bit of something that’s somehow just whizzed around, but you just put it back on. It’s not a regular occurrence though. Hope that helps?

    (Yes it does seem to pulverize more than my other blender which is a 1000W Kenwood.)

      1. AB Post author

        You’re welcome! I also just ran out of shop-bought ground almonds making some chestnut and buckwheat shortbread (an excellent recipe by the wonderful Hugh F-W) and so I whizzed up some whole almonds in my Nutribullet with the grinder blade and voila! Fresh ground almonds in under a minute.

      2. Catherine

        Ha! You read my mind! I was just wondering how it would do with almonds as I usually use my coffee grinder ( which is just okay, plus there’s the nuisance of cleaning it). I bought one last night and will give it a spin this morning.

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