Pump Street Bakery, Orford

Orford ness is one of our favourite places. We go there at least once a year, for a very long walk, a picnic, and chats. Even my youngest can manage to walk around the red and blue walk (not green though, it’s never been open when we’ve been there, we always time it wrong).

(For those on Fitbit, you can rack up about 15,000 steps, or six miles  walking those routes.)

What we like to do is get up really early and head out without breakfast, fantasising about what we’ll eat from the Pump Street Bakery, when we get there. The fact that such an amazing bakery exists in what is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere astounds and delights me. And makes me very jealous. I wish we had one where I live in Suffolk.

This is a tiny bakery, that is crammed into an old house. There are very few seats. But it is glorious. Please don’t miss it if you venture anywhere near Orford (which is a very pretty village). We’ve sampled the Bear’s Claws, the doughnuts, the brownies, the Eccles cakes and the almond croissants so far. You have to try the Eccles cake to believe that currants can be held in a puff pastry and be a thing of eye-watering beauty.

We have breakfast – cappuccinos (very good) with pastries dipped in them, perched on the benches outside.  I want to try a gibassier next time I’m there. I’m afraid the pastries are so good, I completely forget to photograph them, so the picture above is a photo of my feet on Orford ness beach. Probably my favourite beach in the world.

Not to be missed.

2 thoughts on “Pump Street Bakery, Orford

  1. veryberryhandmade

    Hello you! How lovely… Orford is one of my favourite places in the world… the bakery sounds wonderful (I don’t think it existed last time we went). I have Pump St Bakery Rye Crumb and Sea Salt chocolate on order for OH’s birthday next week… it is gorgeous stuff. I think they do mail order sourdough too, but that seems outrageous when I *could* make it myself. See how I am missing you on FB, chatting away to you here….

  2. AB Post author

    Hello YOU! I am missing you too so it’s lovely to see your comment. I almost bought a bar of the chocolate (that very one of which you speak!) last week in Southwold (an outlet there sells it, the PSB doesn’t have a branch there). But there was a queue, everyone was in a rush to get to the pier etc, so I left it. Is it really that good? Must treat MYSELF next time!

    Ali you MUST go to this bakery. There is also an branch of sorts in Snape, at the Maltings, if you are ever there. YES, I believe it sells sourdough AND Eccles cakes by mail. X


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