Nice gloves for a cold day

M&S ‘Autograph’ gloves in black, lined in cashmere, which is turned back here so you can see.

Close up of the lining for those who are really paticular, like me. Although it looks thick, it isn’t and the gloves manage to be rather ‘fino’ as we say in Italian whilst also being very warm. Nice.

Two winters ago, I was in London for the day (that seems a sad sentence in a way, as I lived in London for most of my life and yet, and yet, it also makes me happy as I love Suffolk – where I live now. So I guess you’d call that a bittersweet collection of words) and got caught out on a day so cold, I couldn’t carry my bags. I had no gloves with me and in a fit of extravagant desperation, I walked into Marks and Spencer’s to buy some gloves.

In truth, I was after the same sort of gloves I’d bought in M&S  many years previously: sheepskin gloves. I have no idea why I’d bought sheepskin gloves. I wasn’t a sheepskin sort of girl (am now, watch out for my entry on sheepskin boots ‘n’ slippers in a few weeks’ time). But I had discovered that they were super warm when I rode my bike and also those particular ones had been fantastic value. But my lovely buff coloured sheepskin gloves had gotten a hole, you know the sort: the stitching had started to come undone and I’d done nothing about it until more and more stitches undid and as the proverb says, where once one stitch was needed, now nine were.

But M&S had no sheepskin gloves that day. They had simple leather gloves, which I didn’t want (not warm enough) or all manner of what I call Bridget Jones type gloves: knitted and full of whimsy.

Instead I spied some Autograph cashmere lined leather gloves. These were exactly the opposite of what I thought I wanted, but I tried them on and was sold. They fitted beautifully, they retained some sensitivity but they were so warm it was like I’d just put my hands in a warm bath. I bought them and, for an impulsive purchase, they ended up being a fantastic buy at £25 because they soon became the gloves I wore every day. Warm, practical  but just that bit posh. I like that because often my hands are the only posh part of me.

But then, one day last year, in a blur of getting the baby in and out of the car, I lost one.

I need to pause here to tell you about another fantastic discovery I made last year. A discovery that the loss of one of my gloves, in the same week that my eldest lost her beloved Mimi the Mouse, spurred me to make. You know those Cash’s name tapes? Well you can order them to say “If found, please call XXXXX”. I got some made and have both Mimi the Mouses (eldest’s was found in the laundry) are now ‘microchipped’, as are my beloved Pashminas (more on pashminas another day). Because my chocolate brown one ply pashmina is lost, lost, lost…

I haven’t actually, sewn them into my new gloves yet though.

Anyway,  miraculously, given that shops have a habit of making great things and never repeating them, M&S sell the gloves again this year. Here is the link to them on line, although on-line they only seem to sell them in brown. In real life they come in black, purple or chocolate brown. They are lined in cashmere and are really warm. They’ve gone up to £29.50. But still, you really can’t ask more of a glove.

So don’t.

Update October 2012.

Obviously the link above doesn’t work anymore. Here is the link to this year’s offering in red, purple or grey. Or here in black. They’ve now gone up to £35 which makes them a better investment than a savings’ account these days.

2 thoughts on “Nice gloves for a cold day

  1. Annalisa Barbieri

    Okay. Official word from M&S is that:"The gloves are coming in black, red and purple in addition to the brown. Black, purple and brown have just launched in stores and the red will be available from the beginning of November. I've also just checked with the department about why all colours have not been loaded online and all they could say was there may be a slight delay as they are a new line. The three colour ways should all be live by the weekend and the red pair by the beginning of November."


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