Ines Rosales and her damn biscuits

Fantastic packaging and unfortunately what’s in them is just as nice.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend spotted some biscuits in Waitrose. They were on special offer and instead of the usual £2.99 they were £1.99 (the offer has now ended, at least in my Waitrose, which is the only one that matters let’s face it).

The packaging was great, waxed semi-transparent paper and what looked like large wafery things inside (they are olive oil ‘tortas’ which just made me confused). I made a face and said “nah, they’re TWO QUID”. “But they might be great,” he retorted. I soldiered on with the shopping trolley and the purchase was not made.

But a week or so later, we did buy them, the Seville Orange ones. Even before we were out of the carpark I’d opened them and was sampling one.

My they were delicious. Flakey, but with sugar on the top and as more-ish as ‘stracci’ (Italian deep fried ribbons of pastry that are simply too dangerous to eat, they are the crack cocaine of pastry). I have no idea how Ines cooks her damn biscuits but they taste deep fried. On the website they go on about how olive oil is really good for you, so I reckon the must be. They’re odd though. I mean the Seville Orange ones were sweet, but not sure how you should eat them, with coffee? On their own.

By the time we got home I had eaten three of them whilst I pondered this. I still don’t know.

What I do know is that they come in various versions and you absolutely should never buy them.

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