Pretty fairy lights, battery operated

John Lewis LED finewire snowflake lights, £6

Some years ago, as a present, Tesco sent me some really pretty blue flowery fairy lights that were battery operated. Doesn’t sound like much now, but at the time, they were pretty innovative (the battery part). They cost £5 in the shops and I wish I’d bought more as they’ve proved strangely useful. My children use the in tents, we drape them over any corner that needs a little pretty illumination. I’ve been tempted to go out wearing them (you could, with the battery pack in a pocket. I mean, come on). I don’t know, they just make me feel good. Even though they are, you know, from Tesco’s.

Anyway. These are not like them. They are very very fine and delicate. The wire between them is really fine wire. But they still look nice on my mantelpiece and every evening, as dusk fades and “the clouds turn pink” as my daughter says, I switch them on and they make me go aaah.

I’m easily pleased.

They also come in little green trees, red hearts or blue stars. And the size above is about actual size.

Buy them here.

5 thoughts on “Pretty fairy lights, battery operated

  1. Jayne

    These are lovely and will be great for Christmas alongside the Phillips LED lights I've already got on your recommendation!JPS Used some advice from your Guardian column to help me deal with a tricky issue at work this week, thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    Ordered them last night, collected from Waitrose this afternoon, hanging from the bannister tonight!ThanksJPS – your advice was challenging a family member who repeatedly makes nasty comments by letting them know you find it unpleasant / unacceptable and if they continue to make such comments you assume it's as they intend to upset/offend. Helpful in a work context moderating between two team members – suggested as a way to shine a light on a pattern of behaviour and help address a recurrent issue.

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